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Jill Andre, a Bay Area native, was smitten with color at a very early age.  Crafting miniatures as a child, Jill learned to hone her visionary skills and once college-bound, knew she would pursue a Fine Arts degree.  Jill excelled in the very competitive design program at Cal State Long Beach, and spent 12-weeks in southern France at the Leo Marchutz School, where she absorbed techniques mastered by four generations of artists, sharpening her visual perceptions of the world.

As a young professional, Jill worked first in the automotive industry, designing after-market products and then as a designer for children’s educational software.  As a result of the dot com bust, Jill was no longer being paid to draw and joined the Drawing Circus to satisfy her drive and passion.

Jill began showing her work in group exhibits at the encouragement of the Drawing Circus’ founder, Edward Stanton.  Juried exhibitions and solo exhibits followed. During a solo exhibit in Palo Alto, a visiting curator from China invited Jill to bring her artwork to the Chaoyang Cultural Museum in Beijing. As a result of this exhibit, Cha Cha Cha resides permanently in their collection.

Jill was a board member of the Silicon Valley’s chapter of National Women’s Caucus for the Arts, as well as Creative Director for the ‘Honoring Women’s Rights’ exhibit in 2012. Jill gives her time regularly to The Midpen Media Center in Palo Alto working on their television production crew, as well as contributing artworks to various projects of interest.

Jill also has taught and continues to teach art in both private and group settings, designing an environment where the student can successfully create.

In Crimson, 2003  solo exhibit at Art 21 Gallery, Palo Alto, CA.

In Crimson, 2003 solo exhibit at Art 21 Gallery, Palo Alto, CA.